Frequently Asked Questions

Is Trade Press Services a public relations firm?

No. As marketing communications and media relations strategists, we offer highly specialized services not available through traditional public-relations agencies. We help our clients communicate clearly, consistently and strategically with customers and prospects in order to earn recognition and visibility in their marketplaces. Equally important, we use a performance-based business model—rather than costly monthly retainers—and bill only for the services we provide, when we provide them.

Why should our company invest in marketing communications?

Your business may have developed outstanding products and services. But a company’s ultimate success hinges on persuading prospects to select you over your competitors. A comprehensive marketing communications strategy accelerates brand awareness, increases visibility, drives thought leadership and gets your message directly into the hands of the decision makers you target.

We advertise in our target publications. Isn’t that enough?

In a time when we are bombarded with messages through email, internet, broadcast and print, traditional advertising often becomes ineffective “noise.” Instead of display ads that tout the features and benefits of a product or service, decision makers are looking for real-world answers to the problems that keep them up at night. This is where customer-centric content becomes a powerful marketing initiative. These solutions come in the form of bylined articles, white papers, case studies, blogs, website content and other forms of marketing communications.

Can Trade Press Services get our company into The Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, Fortune and other popular mainstream media?

Our specialty is working with trade publications. While we can certainly help you create editorial opportunities in mainstream media, the process is a little more complex. Remember, trade magazines may not have the circulation size of a Wall Street Journal or Fortune Magazine, but they are widely read by decision-makers. To learn more about why trade publications are an excellent medium for demonstrating thought leadership, read more here.

How much visibility can my company expect when we work with Trade Press Services?

The answer depends on several factors including:

  • The number of publications that reach your target audience
  • The publishing frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly) of selected publications
  • The compelling nature of your content
  • The specific content needs of targeted publications
  • Your corporate communications budget.

With all of today’s technological advances, isn’t print dead?

While traditional publishing has changed dramatically, trade magazines are still a powerful medium for companies that want to demonstrate thought leadership and create a competitive edge in the marketplace. Furthermore, growing numbers of digital opportunities increase the opportunities for connecting with prospects and customers in direct and meaningful ways. We explore multiple channels of communication to ensure that you are reaching your target markets where, when and how they want to be reached.

What’s the ROI of a typical Trade Press Services project?

When it comes to marketing initiatives, getting the most “bang for your buck” is essential. Accordingly, defining and analyzing the success of everything from trade-show participation to social-media campaigns are critical. But measuring ROI in marketing is full of challenges. To read more about how you can help your company think beyond traditional ROI, read more here.

What do you charge?

Our services are menu-driven and performance-based. We bill you for our services based on your budget and the projects you ize us to pursue. Our fee schedule is published, so there are no surprises. There are no monthly retainer fees, hidden extras or long-term contracts. Our fees include all strategy sessions, phone calls, mailing costs, meetings, project management and completed projects. Click here to request a customized quote.

We don’t have a marketing department. Can Trade Press Services help?

Our marketing-support services team provides companies of every size with outsourced specialists to help you establish and achieve critical business objectives. Our model is flexible and can be customized to meet your individual needs. Whether you need an entire integrated marketing department or just some extra help when resources go on overload, we are here to help. In all cases, we are completely transparent, fully accountable and guided by experience.

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